Utah Flight Academy uses Piper PA28 series aircraft for training and rentals. The Piper Cherokee is one of the oldest and well established training aircraft in the United States. Utilizing the famous “Hershey-bar” wing, the Cherokee has very docile stall and slow flight characteristics. The aircraft is large enough to take some passengers in the back seat, yet still small enough to be efficient.


N1671J is a Cherokee 140 that has been upgraded throughout. Some of these upgrades include a larger 160 HP engine, Garmin G5 mini-efis, panel-mounted iPad mini, Garmin GDL 39-3D GPS unit, Mode-S transponder, ADSB in and out, new panel, new carpet, new side paneling, and new seat covers.

The larger engine provides a noticeable difference in performance during takeoff and climb out. The larger engine allows the aircraft to perform at full gross weight, even on the hottest summer days.


The Garmin G5 mini-efis is a small, all-in-one instrument in the center of the pilot’s panel. This instrument displays all information and more, that you would get out of the entire 6-pack of instruments and is conveniently located front and center. All the standard analog instruments are still installed, making the G5 a backup redundancy for the entire panel. Each instrument is in the aircraft twice! Students that are learning to fly will have the chance to learn with analog instruments as well as being introduced to modern “glass” panel instruments with the G5.

In the center of the instrument panel, just below the radio sits a panel mount for an iPad mini. This panel mount is set into the instrument panel so the iPad sits flush. It is not a stick on mount. The mount comes with an iPad charger that is hardwired into the aircraft system so the aircraft will continually charge the iPad. You never need to worry about the iPad running out of battery. To make it even better, Utah Flight Academy provides an iPad with the aircraft so you don’t need to provide your own. Included in the iPad is Garmin Pilot, Foreflight, Avare, as well as PDF copies of all aircraft documentation such as check lists, standardization manuals, Aircraft Flight Manual, Pilot’s Operating Handbook, and more. **The actual POH and AFM are in print in the aircraft as well for legality purposes. The PDF of these documents are intended for a backup**


Included with the aircraft is the Garmin GDL 39-3D. This is an external GPS unit that connects to the iPad. It is already connected to the iPad provided with the aircraft, but can connect to 3 additional devices if you decide to bring your own. The GDL 39-3D provides GPS location, real-time weather, TFR’s, terrain warnings, traffic advisories, and even synthetic vision with a simulated glass panel.


We have spent some significant time, money, and effort into making sure that all our aircraft are safe, well maintained, and well equipped. Check back often with us as we are always seeking to add new aircraft to our fleet. We are also currently looking into adding a Light Sport aircraft into the fleet.

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