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Part 141 vs Part 61

We are a part 61 school. Below are the advantages and disadvantages to both from

How soon can I work for the airlines?

In order to apply for a commercial airline, one must obtain a Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-Engine certificates & 1500 hours of PIC flight time.  

Is that even possible? 

Yes! Come in and speak to one of our Utah Flight Academy representatives today!

"I wanna be a pilot, where do I start?"

Come in to Utah Flight Academy and schedule an Intro Flight!

What is an Intro Flight?

20-60 min flight with one of top rated instructors for an "eagle eye" perspective on what it's like to be a pilot. 

How much does flight training cost? 

Flight Schools can cost upwards of $100k. Yikes, right? 

Actually, Utah Flight Academy offers interest free financing for your pilot certificates!

There are also competitive scholarships, grants, student loan access and  reimbursements offered by multiple aviation related organizations and airlines!

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