Lois Young

Lois Young (PPL) was born to HR Princess Apaula Sulimoni of Pago Pago, Samoa and Russian Diplomatic Linguist, Aerospace Engineer, U.S. Army Major Nolan Brian Young. Continuing the aviation dream, 3rd in a line of family aviators behind her Father (PPL) and Grandfather (CFI, CFII, MEI), she received her private pilot license in 2018 and is currently working on her instrument rating!

Lois has a Bachelor's Degree in Education and worked for Granite School District in various positions over the course of 20 yrs. including French Dual Immersion Educator, Guest Teacher in Mathematics, Language, Biology and Special Education, PTA president, Native American/American Indian Mentor, & Community Coordinator/Advocate for inner city students. Considered a global citizen by having had the opportunity to travel the world as a “military brat”, Lois has been able to gain a global perspective of humanity. She has 5 children and resides in Salt Lake County, Utah.

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